Ready to apply Sunscreen Lotion, put on clothing, slip on shoes, or just lay down on your beach towel ...but your skin is full of sand?

 Now, a modern lightweight 5 x 7inch  SANDSWEEPERS™  pad totally removes and cleans the sand from your skin instantly smoothly, from any area with a simple sweep! !

Sandsweepers replace bulky, sand carrying towels, eliminates unhealthy inhalable powders, there's no need for carrying water or waiting in line for a shower any longer!

Powder free Sandsweepers prevents  baby powder residue accumulation on your skin which mixes with the lotion  when applying sunscreen.

 Sandsweepers™ are a smooth, soft,  non- abrasive, porous, polyester, reusable, sand removing pad wipe!

Patented modern materials technology makes this possible! (see photo's at the bottom of the page below)

These  soft pads are also ergonomically designed to remove sand smoothly and easily from any parts of the body, fingers, legs, young or old!

  One Sweep and off comes all the sand and any fine particulates!

See another example of how easily Sandsweepers removes sand from any part of your body, one size fits all, for all ages see:

This patented modern WEB technology  SAVES WORK, SAVES TIME, NO MESS! You will get addicted to how much easier it is to remove sand compared to the older ways! Now its so easy!

Useful for all ages of the entire family:





Sand On your Clothes?...Just Sweep it off!See:

Below is a photo of the porous polyester that surrounds the sand and flicks it off, back onto the beach. The folds allow the pad to fold into a V shape  and fit in between toes and fingers or flatten or bend to conform to ankles, arms, legs, no matter what size you may be!

The open pores of the polyester web surround the sand, then the
gentle polyester  fibers flick the sand off the skin easily, as soon
as you move or "sweep"it. This patented design is the reason

why there is no scratchy or irritating feeling removing sand

with a Sandsweeper! 

A new Patented Design an easier,labor saving approach! 

Designed to be soft enough for a childs face or body!

Yet is tough enough to clean off your shoes, coolers, chairs, etc.

PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY  IN ACTION:Please watch the changing slides below for any additional photo information:

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We learned not to use Talcum powder as this mineral  accumulates in the lungs like asbestos!

Cornstarch was then substituted, but we now know that too is an irritant to the eyes, nose, throat, and Lungs! Every product containing it has a warning!

New Sandsweepers removes sand completely, free of inhalable, irritating powders!

Now many doctors now recommend avoiding baby powder which consists of cornstarch or combinations of cornstarch as this can cause eye, nose, throat, and Lung irritations or worse if used constantly!

A  SandSweepers padwipe removes the sand better than using baby powder yielding the additional health benefits and advantages for you and your children by avoiding inhalable powders with its patented technology!

You don't want powder residue on you or your toddlers  skin when applying sunscreen lotion either!

 Testimony of Pediatricians and American Academy of Pediatrics below:

Dr.Joy Anne Royce: Baby powder may smell and feel good, but I don't recommend it — and the American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends against it. Powder can cause breathing problems and serious lung damage when inhaled, and it's not always easy to keep the powder out of the air where your baby might breathe it. If you wish to use powder, choose the safer cornstarch-based product. Shake the powder into your hand, away from your baby, never directly on or near her. Keep the powder container well out of your baby's reach at all times, too. You don't want it to fall over and produce a cloud of powder for her to inhale.

There are times when cornstarch powder isn't a good idea. If your baby's skin is raw from diaper rash, for example, it's probably best to keep powder off it and use a diaper ointment or cream instead. And if your baby shows any signs of a skin infection — like areas that are red and very warm to the touch or oozing — then don't put powder on it, either. Instead, have your baby's doctor take a look.

.Keep the powder container well out of your baby's reach at all times, too. You don't want it to fall over and produce a cloud of powder for her to inhale.

The following information (Health Effects, Handling/Disposal, and Ingredients) is taken from the product label and/or the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) prepared by the manufacturer for Cornstarch Baby Powder.
Health Effects of Baby Powder- Warnings: Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only. If condition worsens or does not improve within 7 days, consult a doctor. Do not use on broken skin. Keep powder away from child's face to avoid inhalation, which can cause breathing problems. Close tightly after use. Store in a cool dry place.

SANDSWEEPERS: Reusable! Efficiently removes all the Sand, give it a shake and its ready to work again.

Ideal for the beach, pool, lake, camping, any sandy areas!

One pad wipe repeatedly cleans and removes sand, grit, soil, even sawdust!

Ideal Quick Sand Removal for Moms Cleaning Toddlers and Children in a Healthy Way! Great for all ages!

When finished just return it into its zip lock bag. Sandsweepers fibers will wear slowly down, layer by layer, remaining on the side, but continue to work! The pad will turn from white to blue as it wears out but can be used many times even when visibly warn! At some point a new Sandsweeper will work best, giving you the same satisfaction as before!

Pet Owners: Sandsweepers will work on short hair dogs as well!

Clean Paws™ Feline Litterbox Entrapment Mats! 100% effective, low cost, traps litter, cleans paws at the same time!

Great for City Dogs also or in front of Dog Door! For city dogs, walk over the mat 2 0r 3 times, traps the city filth, cleans the paws!

Sandscrubber Mats for Auto! Traps all the sand off your shoes after a day at the beach and immobilizes it in the WEB mat! Useful anytime of the year! Place over existing Mats and trap all the sand or soil  in the mat, shake out and reuse. Lightweight, inexpensive!

Coming soon, but let us know if your interested. Limited availability now.Price will be about $10.95 delivered. 





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